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The following is an excerpt from the 1923 UA Desert Yearbook about the "current" status of the UA Greek Community.  

A remarkable development of fraternity has occurred on this campus during the past two decades. At present there are fifteen Greek letter organizations of the social type, many of them being chapters of nationals of the highest standing. Among these latter for men are Kappa Sigma, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Sigma Nu, Sigma Chi, Pi ALpha Epsilon, and Phi Delta Theta.  Pi Alpha Epsilon received its charter in the Spring of 1922, and Phi Delta Theta, formerly Omega Kappa local, has been installed this year.  The women's nationals include Pi beta Phi, Kappa ALpha Theta, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Gamma Phi Beta, Chi Omega whose Zeta Beta Chapter was installed last semester, and Delta Gamma (Alpha Gamma until his Spring). There is at present only one local sorority on the campus, Delta Delta.  The men's locals are Zeta Delta Epsilon and Beta Chi. 

The first fraternity at Arizona was Gamma Rho, which was organized in 1900, and became the first national here when it was established as a chapter of Kappa Sigma in 1915. In 1905 the local Gamma Phi Epsilon was founded, this sorority being installed Kappa Alpha Theta in 1917 at about the same time that Gamma Delta was installed Pi Beta Phi.  Alpha Sigma becuase Kappa Kappa Gamma in 1920, and Delta Rho becuase Gamma Phi Beta in 1922.  Detla Delta was orgnaized in 1922. Sigma Phi Alpha (Sigma Alpha Epsilon since 1916) was organized in 1912, Sigma Phi Beta (Sigma Nu since 1918) had its beginning in 1911, and Tau Delta Psi, now Sigma Chi , was organized in 1917 and went national in 1921.  The men's locals now are Zeta Delta Epsilon, which dates from March, 1921 and Beta Chi, orgnaized in 1922.  

The Fraternities of the Arizona Campus are generally looked upon as valued assets, performing an altogether worthy function, not alone in the imeptus which they lend intra-mural competitions, but also in their contribution to the social life of the University.  

Also in the 1920s 

  • 1926  -- E.C. Ted Monro (Kappa Sigma), wrote the UA's Alma Mater - "All Hail Arizona".

  • 1926 --  On his death bed, student body president and football player, John "Button"Salmon (Sigma Nu), told his coach J.F. "Pop" McKale (Sigma Nu), to "tell them... tell the team to bear down" - a message that lives on today for all Wildcats.

  • 1929  -- Douglas Holsclaw (Delta Chi), wrote the words and co-wrote the music for UA's official fight song - "Fight! Wildcats! Fight!"

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