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The University of Arizona in the 1930s 

The Desert 1932 & 1936

1936 Foreward 

With five buildings completed in April and three to be finished by the fall term of 1936, the University of Arizona is in the middle of its one million dollar building project. This increase in size and capacity of the campus marks the growth of the studetn body since 1887 when the first building was completed.  This book has been planned to commemorate the seige of construction on our campus--a siege which points only to higher and greater things for the University as a whole. 

Adjusting for inflation, the University of Arizona spent more than $17,000,000 on new buildings in the 1935-1936 school year.  

The following is an excerpt from the 1932 UA Desert Yearbook about the "current" status of the UA Greek Community.  

The Panhellenic Council 

Composed of three members from each Greek Letter chapter --an alumna, an upperclassman, and a lower-classman-- the Pan-Hellenic Council is the govenring body among the campus sororities. It holds a regular monthly meeting the first Thursday of every month, special sessions being called necessary.   The duties of the organization are to sponsor scholarship, good health, whole hearted cooperation with the college's ideals for student life, the maintenance of fine social standards, and the serving of the college community.  A further prupose of Pan-Hellenic Council is to regulate the girls' matter of rushing, and to encoruage the chapters to take an active interest in all college activites for the common good. This year the Council has been unusually active in establishing well-defined rusing rules and in making rusing uniform among the several chapters.  Much priase for this pience of work should be given to Marilee Davis, a member of Apha Phi Sorority.  The Pan-Hellenic formal is an annual event which is sponosred by the group. Only mebers of Greek letter houses are eligible to invite gueests.  It was held at the El Conquistador Hotel.  

The Interfraternity Council 

The council started its work this year by sposoring the pledge smoker which was held at the Commons. Everyone who attended was through into raptures of mirth at the idiosyncracies presented by the neophytes.  A great deal of work has been done on intramural athletics.  Not having actual authority in the matter, the council composed a set of suggestions which were presented to the intramural managers in order that all fraternities might be more satisfied with the method of stagin the games. The matter of long-time pledges was discussed and the final decision was left with the indvidual fraternities themselves. The final step of the year was planning of an interfraternity dance. The dance would in all probablility correspond to the Pan-Hellenic formal. 

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