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Support the University of Arizona Greek Community

Our vision

For over one hundred years Greek Life has embodied the values of academic excellence, community involvement, and leadership at the University of Arizona. Membership in a fraternity or sorority provides a powerful student experience and this experience must continue to adapt with the needs of the collegiate environment over time. We are immensely proud of our fraternity and sorority community and all that they have accomplished throughout history, whether it is innovation of campus projects, obtaining campus leadership roles, giving back to their university and Tucson community, or providing the foundation that produces notable leaders around the world.

The University of Arizona is at the forefront of a campus wide strategic initiative that emphasizes innovation, engagement, partnerships, and synergy. Greek Life is an important vehicle for enhancing the student experience through those university goals.

The Greek Life Centennial Campaign will be the stimulus to grow our leadership, as well as the opportunities to offer real world experiences for students. At its core, the Centennial celebration and campaign is a celebration of the outstanding contributions made by individuals to the University of Arizona Greek Community over the last 100 years.


The Park Design

The original park design came from a student design competition in the UA College of Architecture through which two undergraduate members of Sigma Chi submitted the winning proposal.  From their original design the park evolved to include trees, permanent tables chairs, and custom Greek letter benches creating a more warm and inviting space on 1st street. To enter the park visitors will pass through welcoming columns denoting the various donor levels. Brick and paver lined pathways lead into smaller patios complete with wall seating and places to gather with friends, brothers, and sisters.  The lawn and stage will allow chapters and campus friends to host events and bring the community together. Along the eastern edge of the park visitors can stroll through the colonnade walkway and sit on one of the custom benches, and finally visit the timeline wall and learn about the 100 year history of the University of Arizona Greek Community.  

Brick Paver 1x1 or 2x2

$300 and $600

Great for families or groups!



Walkway Tile - 1’ x1’

2 lines of print, 14 engraved characters per line - $300 

Walkway Tile - 2’ x 2’

The “A” logo or chapter letters , 3-6 lines of print, 14 engraved characters per line - $600

The Greek Heritage Park permanently and publically showcases the accomplishments and history of the UA Greek community over the past 100 years.  With your help, we will raise the funds necessary to endow educational programs in four core areas: Academic, Leadership, and Career development and Health and Wellness, which will ensure that the Greek community can flourish and continue long into the future. 

** You will be sent to a different page to complete the purchase form and pay. 

Brick Paver 


 A great gift for yourself or others!

Brick Paver Medium - 6”x9” 

Engraved concrete brick, engrave up to 24 characters.

Your purchase of a brick paver or walkway tile becomes a permanent part of the Geraldo Rivera Greek Heritage Park and your Honoree(s) will be remembered forever. Your gift will ensure that the Geraldo Rivera Greek Heritage Park will be preserved for generations to enjoy and will help build out our Greek Centennial Leadership Fund, which provides educational programming and activities to members of the UA Greek Community. Thank you for leaving your legacy!   

** You will be sent to a different page to complete the purchase form and pay. 


Colored Wall Tile


Beautiful, Custom Wall Tile 

Created by a local Tucson craftsman, this custom wall tile will feature greek letters and a name or brief group description.  Available in four colors, the tiles are available in limited quantities and will be placed on the seat walls in the park. 

Your support will also assist in funding the lifetime maintenance of the Greek Heritage Park and ensuring that this important location can remain a place to record our community’s history long after the Centennial  

Columns & Arch


Columns and arches will welcome visitors to the Geraldo Rivera Greek heritage Park.  Columns will also border a walkway and create a colonade. Columns can be engraved with names, mottos or creeds.  The metal arch can be used to denote indivdual, family or organizational names. 

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Interior Plaza 


The two interior plazas will provide additional seating, and the custom tiles will be displayed on the plaza walls.  Tables and chairs will adorn the plaza providing seating for all those who visit the park. 

Timeline Wall


Showcasing the UA history

Starting with 1900 and extending to 2016 and beyond, the timeline wall showcases UA traditions and fraternity and sorority contributions.  From John Button Salmon to CATwalk, more than 100 years of fraternity and sorority life will be documented.  The timeline wall will feature photos and brief explanations of the history and traditions. 

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